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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best season for cruise rates?

    In the summer time, we run the Summer Deals which lasts from May to Aug, due to the low season for the inbound industry

  • Will the rooms have air-conditioner or heater?

    Absolutely yes, and the crew will instruct you how to use it

  • Q: How far in advance should I plan for my cruise?

    If your heart is set on a particular cruise and itinerary, it is best to plan as far in advance as possible


  • When is the low water season for Mekong cruise?

    From mid Mar to early Aug as of annual occurance

  • When is the high water season for Mekong cruise?

    From mid Aug to early Mar as of annual occurance

  • How is the food in our cruise?

    95% of our clients rated the meals as “superb”, most of the dishes are fresh and sumptious local food. Travelers with special dietary needs should advise us at the time of booking so we can arrange for special meals

  • Is medical emergency aid within reach during our cruise?

    Virtually every cruise ship has a fully-equipped medical facility and well-trained staff to handle almost any emergency.

  • Is cruising affordable and a good vacation value?

    Yes! There are cruise vacations to suit every budget, from the cost-conscious to the most luxurious. Even more important, a cruise offers the best travel value for your money with all inclusion of meals, your cabin, onboard daytime activities, nighttime parties and entertainment.


  • With various cruise itineraries, it’s hard to decide which one is better for us?

    It’s up to your time frame, money matter and how far you are keen on water cruising. Browse for the most suitable itinerary in our cruise collection.

  • Is the ice (or ice-cubes) safe for our drinks?

    Positive, clean and purified ice-cubes are always available on board.

  • When is my final payment due?

    Final payments are due 45 days prior to travel. Your e-mail confirmation and the invoice you will receive in the mail will indicate the actual final payment date for your trip. We will contact you prior to the final payment date as a reminder. Regardless of booking made within 30 days, Full payment shall be required.

  • Can I get a special diet?

    Most ships can accommodate salt-free, low-carbohydrate, low cholesterol, Kosher, or other diet preferences. However, this request must be made in advance, so be sure to advise our cruise expert when you book your cruise.

  • Is there any any special requirement for attires onboard?

    Many cruise lines now feature a more relaxed and casual approach to dress throughout the cruise — while on others, formal dinners or parties are part of the fun.

  • What if I need to cancel or change my itinerary?

    We offer a change to your dates, if required, at no additional cost as long as you give sufficient advance notice and availability exists. Cancellations involve a cancellation fee, which depends on how far in advance you cancel. Please review our “Booking guide”.